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Welcome to Squeekytoys.co.uk!

This site is here to show off the various critter suits owned by Lomax and KC. To access the photos of these suits you can use the menu above to access the pages of the different suits. If you have any questions or want some more info on things you can look at the FAQ or contact us at .

8th August 2011
Yeup, we're still around, slightly! You're more likely to find us on FetLife these days if anything is going on: FetLife Account.

Say Goodbye to PrettyPervy
This however isn't really about this site, it turns out that Pretty Pervy is now closing its doors as Rob and Hilary are being deported to Australia for their crimes! :D
While the actual closure date is still a way away in 2012, I'd like to thank them for putting up with us over the years and it's going to be a huge shame to lose them but we both wish them well in whatever they do.
As they are moving they're also selling out whatever stock they have left from the clothing they've made over the years so if you fancy a great bargin check out the auctions as everything must go!

13th April 2010
So we've been dealing with things in the real world and the saga of the knock-off latex critter suits continues and the owner is apparently trying to paint us as just being jealous of others owning critter suits, this is just plain not true.

Ask anyone who knows myself and KC and we'll always say that the more critters the better, frankly. We never have and never will have any problem with others getting critter suits whether they be by PrettyPervy or by someone more affordable, where we draw the line however is in people making blatant copies of PP (or any other companies) designs and trying to credit them to themselves. We have heard people say that the fox is "generic" but there are always ways to make things look different.

At the end of the day it's one thing to make a personal copy as has happened before, it's another to take the design, undercut the original makers with Chinese labour and pocket the difference. There is nothing stopping people getting their own critter, and we'd love to see it when you do, all we say is have some imagination and try and get something unique. why be part of a herd, especially if the price is cheap?

28th March 2010
Small update, yes we're aware of the new shop that is selling a design very similar to the fox. This new shop is basically a reseller from the main Chinese based knock-off place and is not a reseller for Pretty Pervy at all. As always, if you want best would you go for someone that ripped-off the design or for the original? :)

24th February 2010
Been a bit of a delay in case you hadn't noticed but the final monthly pic for a while is finally up!
Foxie January 2010

7th January 2010
Happy New Year!
Few things to say this year:
1) The last pic of the month goes to the ever popular foxie and can be seen here.
2) We apologise for not having the November pic up yet though, a combination of having no time to really take a pic and the fact that we're separated by some large distances at the moment means we've just not got round to it yet and we don't have a suitable backlog of pics for the double like we do with the singles. Stay with us and we'll get it up eventually!
3) Due to the above and a few other reasons the monthly pic is probably going to go away for a bit once January is over, some of you may remember that I was hoping to update the site with some new stuff way back in Jan 2009, the fact I've not been able to get round to this should tell you something about the year that was 2009. Rest assured, we're not going away completely but updates may be a bit further apart until things calm down.

As always, if you need or want to get a hold of us during that then the emails are at the top of the page! We do respond, honest. :D

1st November 2009
And another win for the good ol' Orca!
Orca October 2009

2nd October 2009
Winner again this month is the ever popular Foxie. Seems to have got himself into a bit of a bind this time...
Fox September 2009

3rd September 2009
It's been quite the week or two for us over here, not been much time to stop and think. We did however have some fun at Club-Rub a few months back and this months pic is a result of that. Many thanks to our photographer (get in touch if you want to be named! :D) that night!
Fox & Orca August 2009

3rd August 2009
Got another solo vacbed foxie pic of this months winner, Enjoy!
Fox June 2009

6th July 2009
Well, seems the winner of this months pic was the Snow Leopard and Orca combo! Sadly we've been a bit busy dealing some stuff that's popped up and we've not been able to get some pics done with those two so to tide you all over for a bit here's some solo pics. Enjoy!
Snow Leop June 2009
Orca June 2009

28th June 2009
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

1st June 2009
The new vacbed gave us a good excuse for this months pic of the foxie! You can see him here:
May 2009

14th May 2009
A bit of an extra treat this month. Two pics of the snow leopard in his new toy made by the nice folks over at www.kinkengineering.com! You can see them here:
Vacbed 1
Vacbed 2

3rd May 2009
We have another foxy winner this month. Pic is here:Monthly Pic

2nd April 2009
It's that time of the month again, this months winner, only just eeking out the Fox, was the Orca! Monthly Pic

3rd March 2009
It's a Foxy February this year! You can see the new monthly pic here: Monthly Pic

5th February 2009
Since it's quite rare that we even get the chance to have snow around here we thought it might be nice to have some fun, the results of which you can probably guess from these two special photos:
Snow Leopard 1
Snow Leopard 2

4th February 2009
First pic of the new year can be found here: January

1st February 2009
Once again the fan favourite of Fox&Orca wins with a last minute spurt of votes to make it pass the Snow Leopard & Orca pairing. We will have something up shortly.

5th January 2009
For your viewing pleasure.

2nd January 2009
Happy New Year!
The last pic of the year goes to the peoples favourite combo of Fox and Orca! We'll get something up soonish. :)

It's been nearly two years and nearly 25,000 visitors since SqueeyToys opened in 2006 and things have moved on somewhat. Because of all the above there are going to be some changes in the coming few months, we're looking at getting some bigger and better pics as well as revamping a few other things. There's no real schedule for all of these but you'll see them popping up now and then. If you have any suggestions about things you might like to see being added just drop me an email.

2nd December 2008
And the pic is up! For your viewing pleasure.

1st December 2008
It's December already, I hope everyone has all that they need for Christmas and New Years already!

It was a close run thing this month, the Fox was winning out until the group of Fox and Orca made a last minute sprint for the finish! We'll get a pic up shortly but until then the voting is now open for December!

3rd November 2008
The winning monthly pic for the foxie can be found over here!

7st October 2008
Monthly pic is up!

1st October 2008
The winner again for the second month ina row is the ever popular Orca! :) We'll get a pic up as soon as we can. For now, return to voting!>

On a slightly more serious note, those of you who use the UK ISP BT may want to watch what your ISP is doing to your connection these days. Apparently they are trialling a new "feature" that will track your entire web browsing habits and use it to serve you "more relevant advertising". It does this by copying each website you visit and parses it for keywords which it then stores against an ID it gives you. If this eventually goes live I will be blocking all access from BT IP addresses as and when I an get round to it as I find this a despicable practice. Those with Virgin Media and Talk Talk are also in the firing line as both of those ISPs have also expressed an interest in the technology. If you want to know more just go to www.badphorm.co.uk or www.nodpi.org and you'll get the full picture.

1st September 2008 (part 2)
The Orca pic is up here. Get voting for September!

1st September 2008
Eeeking out the foxie by a few votes this months pic is for the Orca! We'll try and get something up as soon as possible.

Another note this month is that we're being featured in this months Bizarre Magazine as part of a feature on Pretty Pervy. Not seen the article myself yet but I'm sure it's a good one. :)

2nd August 2008
July foxie pic is over here!

2nd August 2008
This months winner is the foxie! We hope to have something up before the end of the weekend however things are still somewhat busy with both of us so it may also take a little longer. :) Until then, vote for Augusts!

10 July 2008
The Fox and Orca pic for June is now up! Pic here

02 July 2008
As if you couldn't have guessed by now, the winners again are the Fox and Orca for this months pic, we'll endevour to get something up soon!

21st June 2008
Another milestone reached! This morning we passed the 20,000 visitors mark which is quite impressive for a site such as ours. :) While both our work and personal lives are still rather hectic with other things at the moment we will be thinking up ways in which to improve the site and add more content to it, most likely replacing the main photos with some that actually look a bit better, but that's for the future. For now, thanks for visiting!

8th June 2008
Well, I've put up the pic for May. Still nothing worked out for April though unfortunately! You can see the May pic here. Bear with us!

2nd June 2008
The winner again this month was another Fox&Orca pic! :) Unfortunately for both KC and I things are still somewhat busy, we'll get something up soon though,I promise!

12th May 2008
Apologies for those waiting on this months picture. We've still not got round to sorting it out, it really has been an unusually busy month for both of us and things really have just not got off the ground. Something will be up soon, if not we'll try and do something special!

1st May 2008
Another win for the orca and the foxie it seems! :) I'll get the photo up as soon as a I can however it may not appear until after the long weekend as we're both quite busy right now and have other things to deal with.

1st April 2008
Bah, alright here is the real picture for March. ;) Enjoy here!

1st April 2008
Another month has passed, they are going so quickly this time of year. :D The winners this month were the fox and the orca, you can see their new pic here. Now go vote for April!

5th March 2008
After the short delay, the Panther piccy is now up for this month, you can see it here!

1st March 2008
Annnnddd, this months winner is the Panther! Since it's Mothers Day weekend over here in the UK please bear with me for a few days until I get time to get a photo done up. Until then, vote away for March!

1st February 2008
Seems that the foxie won this month and as such he's got his own pic up! Go see and get voting for February!

6th January 2008
The December Orca pic is now available, go see!

3rd January 2008 - Happy New Year!
We're back! I hope all our visitors had a great Christmas and will have a good new year. It seems the winner of the monthly pic for December was the Orca again, you lot are going to make me feel left out! ;) As KC is currently still away on holiday I'll have the pic up as soon as I can, until then there's always the vote for January. Keep it up!

4th December 2007
The November pic is up, have at it! :D

1st December 2007
And so we reach the end of the second month in which the running was much more hotly contested but in the end the Fox & Orca won by a mere one vote. We'll get the pic up asap and until then the old pic for November will still be there for your viewing pleasure.

2nd November 2007
New Pic! Go see. :)

1st November 2007
The first month of voting is over! And the winner by a clear mile is the Orca. We'll do our best to get a new pic up over the next week or so, until then go and vote for who you want to see in November.

2nd October 2007
Well, we've passed the big ol' 15k mark on the visitors, no thanks to a few things that I won't say here. As such we've added some new functionality to the site, a voting booth. We're going to try and do a picture each month of one (or two) of the suits and you can vote for your fave one! Suggestions for poses/locations are also welcome and we'll try and do our best to fill them, please keep them to PG at most folks. Enjoy!

13th July 2007
My god, it's full of updates!
Some minor updates now we're back from Anthrocon 2007. Had a great time there and both the Orca and Fox seemed to go down really really well, plenty of pics taken now we just need to find 'em! If you spot any then please give me a shout at my email address. We also met up with another rubbery fox there called Smash who based his suit of of the pics he'd seen at Squeekytoys so if you end up seeing us both in photos, I'm the one with the red shorts.

I've added some links to some badge artwork for AC07 and 04 that were drawn by Kaijima at http://www.toydragondesign.com which you can find on the suits respective pages. I've also removed the Lion link for now since it's turned into another project that should (maybe possibly) appear in the next few months.

Some photos we already know about, I've included the persons name where we know them:

All that's left really is to thank the organisers of Anthrocon and the people of Pittsburg for such a great time! Shame it couldn't have been longer.

23rd October 2006
New link time as it seems the rubber critter stable is growing again. If you want to see a new Pretty Pervy creation which was first showcased at the Skin Two expo then take a wander over to the new domain http://www.purrversion.co.uk and bask in the newness!

16th October 2006
10,000 HITS! Yowsa, reached the big 10k mark today. Bit of a milestone. The 10k person came from Japan of all places. :)

8th October 2006
Phew! Back from the Skin Two expo and we're both completely shattered after having some great fun on the Saturday wandering about in the Fox and Orca from Pretty Pervy, who were a good host as usual, thanks guys!
For those of you that are interested there are some official photos of the event over at Getty Images where you can see what some other folks were wearing too. :)

23rd July 2006
Orca pictures are finally up and running. :) If yah like em be sure to compliment KC and the folks at PP for creating such a great suit!

25th Jun 2006
Been a while since the last update. :) Photos are coming along, I promise, it's just taking us a while for various reasons. Until then you may be interested in the new additions to the Pretty Pervy menagerie. Two inflatable latex piggies

2nd Feb 2006
OK, Going to look for a new hosting package for this site as my current host doesn't exactly make clear their bandwidth transfer rules. If anyone knows of a decent host (preferably in the UK, preferably under 5 a month) that offers ASP, some form of SQL DB and a decent bandwidth allowance a month please give me a mail at my address. Fabulous prizes to be won! (OK, Not really...but help out anyway, it'll make you feel all good inside)

26th Jan 2006
Well, as the bright red text says, I should've got a better hosting package I guess. Wasn't expecting this kinda of attention, thanks for it all! If you can't wait until the bandwidth meter ticks over then give me an email at my address and I'll send them to you or you can see a few shots over at Pretty Pervy

12th Jan 2006
Well, just seem to keep attracting them. For those of you in the UK and near London the good people at Torture Garden are apparently running a special Animal themed night on Feb 11th titled "Animal Love". Well worth a night out if you have the time! See their site for more info.

9th Jan 2006
Finally got this site open. Still a little under construction in a few pages but the majority of it is there content wise. Will make another announcement when something is added/changed. Enjoy!
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